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We can provide businesses of all sizes and the general public with a variety of quality Foil Blocked items produced in-house by us using all our expertise gathered over 25 years in Hot Foil Printing. In addition we offer a
Trade Foil Printing Service to graphic designers/marketing/advertising agencies.  This can either be as 1-3 colour foil printing to various stationery or promotional products, or, as an additional foil print finish to digital or litho(graphic) printed stationery ie perhaps a gold foil blocked logo on business cards etc. The combination of foil colour with different coloured  or textured boards is limitless.  We use paper and board from GF Smith, Fedrigoni, Fenner & PaperBack amongst others using popular brands brands like Conqueror and Colorplan.
NB. When sourcing HOT FOIL PRINTING  you will find many printers or quick print shops offering this service, although not actually doing the printing themselves, but 'farming out' the work out to similar businesses to ourselves. In addition, some of the larger internet print businesses will also offer foil print, but at exorbitant prices - why pay that??

Save yourself money, come directly to us for an assured
What is Hot Foil Printing??
Hot foil printing (also referred to as gold blocking), sometimes also known as foil blocking or hot foil stamping, is a high, added value, dry printing process in which the image is transferred to the surface to be printed by a combination of heat and pressure. The process involves having a metal plate (or die) made of the artwork  and running a roll of coloured foil between this and the surface to be printed.  By a mixture of pressure and temperature, the foil is adhered to the surface of the product. With this process it is possible to achieve shiny metallic finishes onto paper, card, board, plastics, PVC, vinyl, silk, and even some woods! 

Hot foil printing has certain advantages over many other types of printing.

  • It can be used to produce true 'reflective metal' printing and other effects impossible with other print systems. As a result, hot foil printing can be used to enhance and add value to conventional stationery, greetings cards, certificates etc. Also it can be seen extensively in the retail sector, used in the production of packaging  for food and pharmaceutical products.
  • Being a dry process, printed goods can be handled immediately.
  • The printed image is 100% opaque.
Our TRADE HOT FOIL PRINTING SERVICE is available to those printers, graphic designers, marketing and advertising companies etc. throughout the UK seeking a reliable, professional quality foil printing service at competitive prices. Whether its a 'small run' of less than 100 or a larger run of thousands, please consider us for your foiling work!